86/366 An Easter Egg Hunt and a Petting Zoo

After a stormy morning, the rain decided to take a break for the Easter egg hunt at Hampton Park in Charleston, SC today. We had the added bonus that the rain chased most of the people away so our kids had almost complete free rein of the impromptu petting zoo and all of the other activities.  

On an Easter egg hunting mission.

Taking stock of the Easter eggs. 

As close as my skeptical son was willing to get to the Easter Bunny

My daughter had no such recommendations.

A good old-fashioned kid-sheep stand-off. 

After a bit of shyness, my son eventually decided to go for a pony ride. I don't think he regretted his decision. 

We almost couldn't get my daughter off of the pony after several laps around the circle.

A boy and his goat. 

Playing with the chicks and ducklings. 

Sheep with a bandana.