My promise to you, my model

  1. I will respect that you are a human being, that you have hopes, dreams, ambitions, fears and that you come to me carrying the weight of your triumphs, failures, joy, and sorrow.
  2. I will take seriously that it is a privilege to get a window into your life and to play a part in you achieving your goals.   
  3. I will listen to you (before, during, and after our session).
  4. I will always encourage you to bring a supportive friend or family member with you to your photo shoot (and if you’re under 18, I’ll require it).
  5. To the extent that it is under my control, I will provide you with a safe and comfortable space for us to shoot in.
  6. I will not touch you without first explaining the need and then asking for permission, and I will never touch you in a way that I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in front of my grandma, mom, wife, sister, or daughter, or in a manner I wouldn’t feel comfortable touching The Rock (If you haven’t seen it yet, read Anne Victoria Clark's Medium article, “The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment”).  
  7. I realize that your no always means no. Period. If you say no to a request of mine, that’s the end of the story and we move on to something else.  
  8. I also realize that your yes doesn’t always mean yes; I will do my best to be cognizant of the fact that I’m perceived as an authority figure and, because of that, you may feel compelled to go with the flow of the shoot (and make decisions you may later regret). As such, if I plan to involve you in any sort of potentially compromising shoot, I will send you my plans for the shoot in advance of the photo session, I will encourage that you discuss the plans with someone you trust, and only move forward with those plans if you approve them prior to arriving at my studio. (Read: no impromptu risqué shoots.)
  9. I will treat you with the same respect and professionalism regardless of whether our shoot is a collaboration or a test shoot, or if you have hired me or I have hired you.
  10. I will expect you to show me the same respect I show to you. My no always means no too -- if I say I’m not comfortable doing a type of shoot you’re interested in, then don’t press me. Please take seriously that I am doing my best to help you your achieve your goals, and I would appreciate you doing your best to help me achieve mine.

This promise is a work in progress. Please feel free to send me any comments you might have to help me improve this. Thanks for reading it!!